Stories of Survival: The Nebraska Winter of 1948-49

10/30/23, 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
Seward Memorial Library

Join author Barry Seegebarth to hear about the stories of survival from the Nebraska winter of 1948-49.


In 1948-49, Nebraska experienced a winter like never before. Brutal cold, unbearable winds and record snowfall made roads impassible and life difficult for locals. Farmers and ranchers struggled with hunger due to a dwindling supply of coal and food.

The governor requested federal aid, and the U.S. Air Force dropped bales of hay into pastures for animals. Many locals perished in the weather, and icy roads forced the state to redesign and rebuild highways. Author Barry Seegebarth will detail the tragedy and courage of the Nebraska winter of 1948.

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