New Policy Information

The Seward Library Board, in an effort to better protect all library accounts, has adopted new policies regarding issuance and use of library cards. Included in the change is that only individual cards will be issued after April 1, 2017. Please read through the questions below for help in understanding what this new policy means. If you have a question that is not answered on this page please call the library at 402-643-3318.

Do I need to change my family account to an individual account right away?
Will I need to get an individual account for each of my children when my family account expires?
Can I send a babysitter or grandparent with my kids to check out books?
If I live outside of the city limits of Seward will each member of my family have to pay for an account?
If my spouse or child’s library account is restricted because of fines over $5 will my account be affected?
Can someone else check out an item for me on my card?


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