Summer Reading

How do you have a summer reading program during a pandemic?

Seward Memorial Library is up for the challenge and invites patrons to join two summer reading programs:

Reading Zone
Use code: abff6 to connect with Seward Memorial Library program.

It is not too late to sign up and participate. You can log and record book titles to track your summer reading. Set a goal for yourself or refer friends to a challenge! Totals for the different age groups are accessible to the library so we can follow your reading progress this summer. Children who read at least 25 books will receive a free book. The staff is still developing a final party plan (if permitted) TBD after July 31.

2020 Reading Challenge

This challenge is for readers of all ages, todders to seniors, for July only. To combat the evil Co-vid Dragon prowling around, our quest is to stack up 2020 books as a community. Join the effort to conquer the menace with stories, information, and relaxation! Everyone who participates during July 6 – 31 will be entered into a random drawing in early August for a variety of prizes.

Register Now.

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